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Not2Close Automotive Services
CALL US TODAY! 49 17636924870

​We Guarantee

N2C is a veteran-owned and operated small business providing Automotive services to the military overseas and local community at an affordable price with 100% Customer satifaction being our #1 priority

Deployment and TDY Upkeep Program
You shouldn't have to worry about your car when it is time to go away for a deployment or even TDY. We would like to take care of that for you with  D&TDY program. The program  is designed as an inspection service catered to keep your vehicle serviceable while you are  away.  If you would like information on this service please call the number above  or drop us an email at    info@n2cm.org

​​Automotive agriculture cleaning

​Automotive Detailing

Our D&TDY Program

If you are ready to go but your ride isn't give us a call . We can help !!!!!